Digital Marketing & Promotion

Getting  your product noticed in a crowded marketplace is a difficult task. With numerous digital channels competing for consumer attention a targeted approach will pay dividends.  

Digital Marketing

Our team can advise and tailor solutions to suit the products and services you offer and deliver cost effective marketing across the web, social media, email and mobile apps.

We can help create content rich e-newsletters and blogs to keep you at the forefront of the market. We keep abreast of current trends and developments in the industry to respond to an ever changing digital landscape.

List Building

Email is still a relevant and powerful communication tool. It has significant advantages over social media for personal engagement and has been proven to result in larger returns, both in feedback and sales.

We can assist you in building and maintaining your user base, keeping content fresh and relevant and easy to find.


Consultancy isn’t about trying to sell you every product and service, it’s about making sure you have the most effective digital presence without breaking the bank.

Our experts can advise on engagement of existing and prospective clients, assist with coordinating content across platforms and provide detailed analytics from online traffic.

We have a deep understanding of how social media and digital channels interact with each other and how they can benefit you.


We can offer a range of in-house training courses to underpin your marketing strategy. These can be targeted to specific campaigns or general digital marketing and utilise our expertise in the field.